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Economic Times – Ms. Sneha Chury and Mr. Ashit Kumar.

For our guest lecture sessions which happen every Saturday morning, on 23rd October, 2010 we had a team of 2 qualified speakers coming from The Economic Times –

Ms. Sneha Chury and Mr. Ashit Kumar.

They gave a brief introduction about The Economic Times and then conducted a workshop on How to read the Economic Times. This is a part of ET In-campus program run by the Times group. It includes interesting programs like ET in campus Quiz, Leadership Lecture Series, ET associations like Bombay Management Association, the advertising club Bombay etc.

Ms. Sneha started with an intriguing query – Why PG? As usual many ideal replies came – increasing knowledge, enhancing skills etc. But the obvious answer was getting a well paid job!

Soon the workshop started and Ms. Sneha and Mr. Ashit outlined 6 steps to effectively read the economic times –

Ø Reading the front page fully

Ø Going through headlines

Ø Identifying the segments in the paper and

Ø Choosing the one that interests you the most and following it

Ø Going through the short news articles given in the left hand column of the paper

Ø Enjoy reading!

During the Q&A session some interesting experiences of the speakers came forth. They talked about the ET In-campus power of ideas lecture series that they had attended where the guest speakers were Mr. Mahesh Shetty of Mahesh Tutorials and Mr. Aditya Khurana, a venture capitalist. Some of the interesting points that came forth were the fact that there is money to fund your idea. But the idea should be worth, it should be feasible and the team behind it should be strong. Some other points were the difference between hearing and listening and the philosophy that no one but you is responsible for your happiness.

After the lecture we took our guests to the rock garden at the back of our institute. They were amazed that such natural beauty can exist in a city like Mumbai!

Pranav Kulkarni


ISME- Navi Mumbai