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Dream – an experience of envisioned images, sounds and other sensations during sleep.
We all dream. Dreams give us the strength to build a positive attitude towards life, make us enthusiastic in the journey of life and help make each moment a memorable one.
In dreams, we are able to go anywhere and do anything. If one starts acting on their dreams passionately, no one can stop them from reaching heights.
I quote a famous saying from the novel, The Alchemist, written by the world renowned author Paulo Coelho. “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
An eternal truth, just as we had entered this world one day, we have to leave it and go too. So why not give something to this world just as the world has given us a beautiful life filled with both happiness and sorrows, pleasures and luxuries and ultimately everything. We can make this true, by following our dreams – dreams that will serve our community for ages.
A dream cannot be made true only by dreaming but through action that involves hard work, determination, devotion and the divine love for it.
Every person taking birth in this world has all these qualities within them, only difference is in the proper use of all those resources. And I hope everyone can do it… rather will do it at a certain point of time.
For instance, let us look at Kalpana Chawla , hailing from Karnal, Haryana. Her greatest interest, say her dream to fly finally took her to NASA. She was selected for her first flight there.
Dhirubhai Ambani, was once a small time worker. His passion for starting his own business, led him to the founding of Reliance Industries in 1958 which later on became a saga of expansions and successes.
And so many …
Likewise, we can also make our dream come true one day.
         By Piyali Mondal