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Diwali Celebrations at ISME Bangalore, Girls Hostel.

A memorable night was celebrated at ISME Bangalore, Girls hostel, on 26th October2011.It was certainly a moment worth cherishing for all the girls but, especially for those who were not home for Diwali for the first time. The blues of missing the family and hometown was soon drowned by the planning and preparations for the Diwali evening which included a puja, a very special dinner and a lot of fun late into the night. Starting with seeking blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, there was an aarti and a dazzling atmosphere of light, hope and positivity.

Homemade delicious food is what a student misses the most in a hostel, so dinner was a very special affair which included such mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the girls, which really made the evening. Even though everybody was in support of a green diwali, but that did not stop, a lot fun, with little crackers. Keeping it safe and fun, it was a definitely a blast!

The delicious sweets, lights, diyas and the fireworks made it a beautiful evening. It felt so warm coming together with people who were strangers to each other at the start of the term, now friends and bonded for a lifetime.

With lights and twinkles of this Diwali, we all are here, away from home, wishing and working for a better future for ourselves.

By: Neeti Thakur.