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Debate Competition

A very interesting debate was conducted by Literary Club on 19th September, 2013.The Faculty of ISME was the judge for the event. Two teams were debating on the topic “Food Security Bill”. The participants were Aishi, Ranjith and Swati speaking for the motion and Atul, Deepak and Hiral against the motion. It was intensive debate with both the teams refuting each other. Points were brought in concerning the economic scenario of the country and also about the future prospects for the country. The team speaking for the topic talk about the social concern and strengthening the poverty ridden sections of the country.
The judges also questioned the team members regarding their views and the points presented. Everybody justified by explaining their points and thus the debate ended. Tem supporting the Bill was the winner and the best debater was Hiral, who spoke against the Bill.
The program ended by the inputs from the Director Sir and also other Faculty members
         Prathamesh Deshmukh

         Literary Club