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Debate Competition

On 17th October, 2012, the literary club organized a debate competition. The topic for the debate was β€˜Is lobbying a legitimate practice?’  A total of eight students participated in the competition. Four students namely Seepica, Phani, Kiran and Jay spoke for the motion and four students namely Shantanu, Staney, Geetha, Shruthi spoke against the motion.

 The debate was conducted in a total of three rounds. In the first round, each contestant was given a maximum of three minutes to speak on the topic. Then the second round was a rebuttal round where the contestants questioned each others’ points and tried to justify their own points and defend themselves. The third round was a question round where the judges namely prof. Krishnan and prof. Lodhi questioned the contestants and asked them to justify the points stated by them.

The competition was very interesting and all the contestants tried their best to prove their points. It was very delightful to see the competitive spirit among all the contestants. There was a very close competition among the participants. However, Geetha and Seepica exhibited their oratory skills and Geetha was adjudged as the winner of the competition and Seepica was declared as the runner up.

 It was a very informative event as the contestants gave a lot of factual information and used the examples from the latest happenings around the world.
By: Mansi Parikh