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Dahi Handi celebration

Dahi handi celebrated in ISME
On, the auspicious festival of Dahi Handi, everyone celebrated it in high spirits in ISME Campus, Navi Mumbai which was the first official event organized by the social club. It was a treat to the eyes to see everyone dressed in the traditional attire. Lord Krishna was worshiped and we all took his blessings to give a kick start to the event. Just to get a feel of the notorious side of Lord Krishna we engaged in some games where even the faculty members participated wholeheartedly. To depict the relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha, one Couple Game was played. It was followed by a modern Raas-Leela, a dance performance. By then, the boys geared up enough to break the matki, and the girls diverted their attention by teasing them.
The cherry on the cake was the rain that lifted everybody’s spirit. This way, the event ended on a really happy note leaving a big smile on every face.
-By Manasi Warde
Student- 2011-2013