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Guest lecture on Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Deepak Shankar,Director of Print360 was at ISME – Bangalore on 10thApril, 2012. He started his lecture by telling about his business which started in March 2011 in Bangalore. There was around 40lakhs of initial investment and his firm’s estimated profit at first was around 12lakhs. Deepak talked about the things that are required before […]

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Guest lecture on Financial Services and Opportunities.

Peeyush Chitlangia from Finsiksha was at ISME Bangalore on 17th April. Peeyush shared his 8 years of experience in financial services industry. He holds a management diploma from IIM Calcutta and currently leads Finshiksha. The lecture started with some random questions about the current industry and he then related it to Financial Services as key […]

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Vice President of Symphony Services addresses ISME, Bangalore.

Mr. Sameer Duggal, Vice President of Symphony Services addressed the students of ISME, Bangalore on 14th April 2012. He talked about building successful career trajectory and the steps that can take any student from the campus of the college to pinnacle of their careers. He stroked a chord with the students as he talked about […]

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Guest Lecturer @ Navi Mumbai Campus

GUEST LECTURE BY UDAY SHETTY It was a day for all aspiring entrepreneurs and for job seekers (both attending the lecture). This was the day when Mr. Uday Shetty( M.D of I-CODE) visited our institute. The concept on which i-code works is completely new for us. To start with, one can buy i-code I-card from […]

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Guest Lecture on E-Marketing.

There was a guest lecture at ISME, Bangalore on the 28th February by guest speaker Mr. Shiv Shakti Garg on the topic emerging trends in Mobile Marketing and e-Marketing focusing mainly on the Retail Industry. Mr. Garg currently is the Deputy General Manager of Vmoksha Technology’s. He is a graduate from Indian Statistical Institute and […]

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Dr. M S Moodithaya in ISME Bangalore on 24th February talked about– The Challenge of Financial Inclusion in India. It was a great exposure for the finance students to understand the real challenges of financial inclusion in India. He talked on the topic “RURAL INDIA IS REAL INDIA”. It is the real side of India […]

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NEN-Week SUKRUPA Guest Lecture at ISME, Bangalore

On 16th Feb 2012, as part of the NEN E-Week, there was a guest lecture by Ms Krupa Latha Das, Founder and executive of Director, SUKRUPA, an NGO located in Bangalore. She spoke about social entrepreneurship that is becoming a very popular career option for youth across the world. Krupa Latha has been a successful […]

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NEN E-Week, Entrepreneurship lecture by Sandeepan Mitra.

On 14th Feb. 2012 there was a talk by Mr Sandeepan Mitra, for the E-Week in ISME, Bangalore. He is currently, Director – Marketing at Just eat India Pvt. Ltd. He has co-founded an e-commerce company, one of its kind in South east Asia and in just 3 years time, sold it to a […]

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Guest Lecture on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

A Cognitive Behavior Therapy session was held for the students of ISME Bangalore, on 20th January 2012. It was conducted by Dr.Shobha Mangoli, a consultant in the field of clinical psychology for 20 yrs. She is a master trainer in ‘Population Education and Adolescent Issues’. She is currently a consultant at Sukrut Human and Organisation […]

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