Telecommunication   A guest lecture was held on 4th November 2014. The lecture was given by Dr. Sibichen Mathew on “Telecom regulatory authority of India and precautions to be taken in a wire-free world”.  He Discussed About Telecommunication Growth Of India. And he starts with India remained the world’s second-largesttelecommunications market according to 2013 survey.And he told Telecommunications plays a major role in India’s growth and  discussed […]

Guest Lecture by Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran on 6th November 2014

Guest Lecture by Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran on 6th November 2014

A guest lecture was held on 6th November 2014 with an attendance of around 50-60 students. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran, General Manager, Future Value Retail Ltd of future group. He was addressed by one of our student, Subhashree Swain. The session was around of 1hr 15mins. And it was totally based on “Career Brand Management”. He talked about the essential factors like self assessment, and self […]

Guest Lecture by Ms. Shalini Dutta- “V Hire 4U”

Guest Lecture by Ms. Shalini Dutta- “V Hire 4U”

A guest lecture was held on 2nd September 2014 with an impressive attendance of around 80-90 students. The lecture was delivered by     Ms. Shalini Dutta, country head HR “V Hire 4 U”. The session was around of 1hr 15mins. And it was segmented into two segments regarding sharing knowledge for HR and marketing. The first half was devoted to make the students aware about what is HR. its importance, its […]

Tips to crack the interview

On 28th February, 2013 there was guest lecture by Mr. Bibin Kurian, Managing Director, Nulogikx Information Services on opportunities available to MBA students- current trend and tips to crack interview. Mr. Kurian kick started the session with an overview of the job situation prevalent in the country. He told that a person who knows how to get a job is the one who gets a job. He said that we […]

Guest speaker- Image consultant

                                                                        Ms Sonia Pardesi Ms Sonia  Pardesi, Sr. Trainer from Image consultant services addressed the class on “Professional grooming and etiquette” needed in the corporate world. She demonstrated through various examples the importance of basic etiquette. The […]

Hr- Six Sigma Guest lecture

                                                            HR- Guest lecture on Six Sigma The HR group had yet another guest lecture series from Mr Rajshekhran and Ms Vandana Hegde from ‘EXCEL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS PVT LTD’. The session was on the application of six sigma in HR function,  marketing […]

Personal Branding

On 12th February 2013, there was guest lecture by Mr. Joshua Rozario on Personal Branding to accelerate growth. Mr. Rozario briefed us on personal branding, its need and importance in today’s dynamic world. He briefed us on how to build our brand which would act as a catalyst in boosting the individual growth. He made us realize that we should focus on increasing our value and employability in the market. […]


On 15th February 2013, there was a guest lecture by Ms. Gayathri Sharma on entrepreneurship. Ms. Sharma is the executive director in The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), Bangalore and has been working with the organization since many years. TIE focuses on fostering entrepreneurship globally. Ms. Sharma started the session highlighting the need of entrepreneurs in the present era. She told us that an entrepreneur apart from focusing on minting money for […]

Growth and corporate training

On 11th January , 2013 there was  a guest lecture by Mr. Ajit Kaikini, Director- Growth and Corporate training, Buoyancee, which is a “Poly -Training Centre” established in January 1992 at JAYANAGAR and working towards “Bettering the Best” in individuals by developing relevant management skills. Mr. Ajit kick started the session by making all the students realize that all are winners. He described ‘ power’ as knowledge in motion and told that […]

Journey of a woman entrepreneur

On 16th January, 2013 there was a guest lecture on entrepreneurship by Dr. Revathi Siddhartha Roy. She is a doctorate in Economics from the University of Toronto. She is a pioneer in the Womens Fleet Taxi Service which is a large platform for providing employment to women from below poverty line families. She started Forsche pronounced as FORSHE by driving a taxi herself and getting a firsthand experience in real life. […]