Indian Advertisements – forced to reshape due to Covid-19 pandemic

Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty, ISME Covid-19 crisis has spared none; society, economy, business and mankind are all trying to navigate through this difficult time, challenges, crisis and shocks. Several steps are taken by companies to overcome the challenges and reshaping their businesses and plans. Advertising industry as a whole and its creations, the advertisements are facing disruption and turmoil due to the changing consumer behavior, economic crisis and the new […]

Prospect of 2-G: Green and Guerrilla marketing on Millennials & Gen Z- The new Sustainable Marketing Mantra

Prospect of 2-G: Green and Guerrilla marketing on Millennials & Gen Z- The new Sustainable Marketing Mantra

                                                         Dr. Shampa NandiFaculty-ISME Millennials and Gen Z’s market A new generation of consumers taking over the global market place, make the market very competitive and marketing extremely complex. Millennials and gen z demand completely different set of marketing strategies. Traditional 4ps, or […]

“Contradiction between what people say they do and what they actually do”- Application of Ethnographic Research in Consumer Behaviour

Dr. Shampa Nandi- Faculty ISME Introduction Parul, a young Research trainee is assigned a new project. She was given one month half day holiday from her office and visit her friend and families at the evening time, when all the family members are back at home. She has to complete a certain number of visit within this one month.  She is an MBA graduate and recently joined a Market research […]


Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty, ISME Introduction For centuries, advertisers and marketers frequently used women in advertisements portraying in sexiest role, restricting their role in upbringing children, looking after family and doing all household chores. Thus women, in spite of being used in advertisements frequently, they were presented in inferior manner irrespective of their potentials and capabilities. It was leading negative consequences for women and strengthening stereotyped values in the society. […]


Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty ISME Indian passenger vehicle industry is showing a slow growth rate below 6%, all time low in last four years. In spite of double digit growth in rural market, the urban market like Delhi NCR, Mumbai witnessed flat sales with negative sales growth in FY2018-19. A very recent article, “Small is beautiful. Again” by Malini Goyal published in the Economic Times (Dec9-15, 2018) has beautifully analysed […]

Use of Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour to predict consumer behaviour

Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty, ISME Introduction Understanding human behaviour is one of the most complex things. Behaviour varies from one to another, as each person has a different need, motive, perception and attitude. Family, friends, cultural influences and economic influences interact together and shape the four factors in different ways. Another important factor is the surrounding environment of any person which influences his thought, feeling and behaviour. External factors include […]

“Khushiyon ke chand pal”- A case let on the ad campaign and the creative man behind it.

Khushiyon ke chand pal- A case let on the ad campaign and the creative man behind it. Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty, ISME “Khushiyon ke chand pal” a recent ad campaign where a women, the heart of the family who often unnoticed and unappreciated, getting appreciated unexpectedly for small, small repairing work done by her with the help of Feviqwik, the instant adhesive from Pidilite industries. I am sure everybody is […]

Where do you stand- when it comes to Facebook Advertising?

Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty ISME Do we need to post an ad online? – is not a question any more. Few years back businesses could easily survive without advertising online. However, for the younger generations: the millennials and the generation Z, if you are not online you are no more. It has become a common practice to search online before any offline or online purchase. With an impressive growth in […]

Buying Behaviour: Impulse vs. unplanned buying

Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty, ISME Philip Kotler (2003) once stated, “Understanding consumer behaviour and knowing consumers are never simple. Consumers may state their needs and wants but act otherwise.” According to Schiffman and Kanuk (2003) “Consumer behaviour” is the behaviour that consumers behave in the form of acquiring, buying, using, evaluating, or consuming product, service and idea to fulfil own need, and be the study of the decision making of […]

Mapping four P’s of Marketing with Baba’s success

Dr. Shampa Nandi, Faculty ISME Introduction Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has grown multifold in last decade and its tremendous success story has placed the brand as a case study in many management schools. Patanjali’s success has created a “halo effect” in the entire Ayurvedic consumer product categories and the market has reached 77% of Indian homes from 69% within last two years. Ayurvedic products have penetrated to 183 million Indian households […]