Perceptual Mapping of B-schools using John Kotter’s Model of Change

Abstract:  In the turbulent times of changing world, every organization gears up to meet the changing phase. It is indeed the world of perform vs. perish or survive vs. sink. A successful organization adapts to the changing force in terms of knowledge, skills and the competencies of the work force.  Introduction:  John Kotter a professor at Harvard Business School studied more than 100 companies engaged in planned change programs and […]

A study on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence& its importance for the management students

ABSTRACT: This article is based on the importance of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence and it importance for the management students. The write up is categorized into an introduction on Gardner’s theory and his eight criteria of intelligence followed by the objective of these intelligence. INTRODUCTION: Howard Gardner, from Harvard University propounded that “there are multiple intelligences with autonomous intelligence capacities that cuts across all human thinking.” Gardner claimed that […]

BOOK REVIEW: “Prosperity Mind, How to harness the power of thought” Author: Randy Gage, Published by “The Depot” Priced only Rs 99/-.

Brief about the author  For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy’s story of rising from a jail cell as a teen, to a self-made millionaire, has inspired millions around the world. This compelling journey of triumph over fear, self-doubt and addiction, uniquely qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of peak performance and […]

Attitude determines your altitude

This is an oft-quoted adage heard many often. However how many of us have thought about its veracity. Is it worthwhile to have a good attitude???What according to the world means good attitude or positive attitude? Here are some of the findings in our day to day interactions. It is widely proven in the management theory about the impact of attitude building in eliciting a good personality. Two of the […]