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Brainstorming on "Quality Processes in Academic Institutions" @ ISME

A brainstorming session on “Quality Processes in Academic Institutions” was held at ISME on 13th April 2016 with Delegates from various academic institutions/universities of Bangladesh being invited by UGC in association with Management Teachers Consortium (MTC Global).

The session begun with Dr. Swaroop Reddy (Principal – ISME) presenting the quality processes followed by ISME and how each process element is well-thought-through in delivering the desired outcomes in student learning, research and placement.

Prof. Nitin Garg, Director-ISME took over the discussion by providing management viewpoint and the approach in framing policy guidelines that are aligned with quality output objectives.

Prof. Mishra, Placements – ISME briefed on the coordination between academic quality and industry satisfaction that was the thrust of ISME’s success so far in placement records.

Prof. Bholanath Dutta, Founder, Convener and President of MTC Global, moderated the discussions, with his learned contributions and thanked ISME for the proactive support extended for the well-intentioned program.

The 4 hour program held at ISME Board Room, also attended by ISME faculties, gave a perfect platform in sharing of best practices between the academicians of India and Bangladesh while posing questions on the status quo practices in bringing about the change in quality of human resources to serve the countries given the dynamic global environment.

Compiled by ISME Literary Club