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“A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN” – Prof.Shruthi Nanjappa

27 May, 2022. The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown changed our lives in more ways than one. It brought changes in ways we hadn’t even thought of. It threw life as we knew it out of gear and we had to adapt to the “new normal”. Professional and personal life changed drastically and as a […]

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Buying Real Estate in an Unreal World…!!!! – Prof. Kiran Kumar K.V

23 May, 2022. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the Big4 accounting firms, recently acquired a piece of ‘real’ estate. And it caught the attention of netizens. Soon this was a hashtag on social media platforms. For one, it was this large multinational that entered this business vertical, and two, the surprised expressions of the technophobics and […]

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Financially MAD – Prof.Jacob Chandy

20 May,2022. Imagine you went to your friendly neighbourhood bank one day and asked to withdraw your savings and the bank manager said, “Savings? What Savings?” and simply refused to honour a bank’s commitment to provide you with your savings on demand. Apart from being justifiably pissed off with your banker you would also inform […]

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