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Spiritual Tourism, Destination Competitiveness, and India – Dr. Shampa Nandi

10th May 2024 Introduction Post-pandemic reopening of international borders and regaining of travellers’ confidence in cross-border travels created a surge in international travel and observed a ripple effect in the tourism industry. The recent magnificent inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya with a projection of Ayodhya as a global spiritual hub enhances India’s prospect as […]

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Anti- Customer Persona: A strategy to remain focused – Dr. Sweta Bhasin

20 April 2024 Identifying the target audience is a crucial element in crafting successful marketing initiatives, offering a clear roadmap for strategic planning. This involves creating customer personas that encapsulate the characteristics of the desired audience. Equally important, however, is recognizing the existence of a distinct group that does not align with our ideal customer […]

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From LOL to Learning – Memes as Education Tools in Language Classroom

12th April 2024 Introduction Memes have become a common form of communication in today’s digitally connected world, spreading quickly across social media platforms and influencing many facets of everyday conversation. Memes, which started out as amusing or satirical pictures or videos with text, have developed into a phenomenon in culture that provide brief and accessible […]

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