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Finfluencers – Paragon or Nemesis – Prof. Sriram Prabhakar

11 Jan, 2023. Stock market is more in the news today than previously with a lot more people invested in it than ever before. Consequently, a new breed of entrepreneurs have entered calling themselves Finfluencers. The philosophy behind an IPO was to raise funds for expansions, thereby further growth. The investors were rewarded with dividends […]

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Disguised unemployment and unnecessary jobs – Prof. Sriram Prabhakar

27 Dec, 2022. Disguised unemployment refers to a situation wherein labourers employed in a task cannot utilize their full potential, and their overall productivity remains low. Analysts try to identify this unemployment loophole in the economy to identify poor allocation of resources and reallocate them efficiently to increase total output. It is also known as hidden […]

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The wrong side of Marketing – Dr. S Shyam Prasad

19 Dec, 2022. Introduction There are things worse than death! Spend an evening as an insurance salesman, and you will understand what I mean. That was a remark made by Woody Allen. Why do people seem to dislike marketing?  Many researchers, in the last decade, have explored the dark side of marketing (Daunt & Greer, 2017). […]

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