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In this digital world, website is a must .A group activity was organized by Marketing and IT students with Professor Marya  Wani, where all marketing students came up with their own innovative content based websites. It was also connected to Facebook.  Eight groups came up with different ideas and presented their websites with much zeal and enthusiasm.
Two groups came up with mouth watering recipes that could ever be imagined. If you are planning for special food that you never cooked before this weekend,, is the sure way to impress your special ones.
One group came with a concept which was environmental friendly and they made a website based on organic gardening, focusing on urban areas  where people do not have much access to land. It informs you how you can become organic and protect environment. With the help of this website you can make your home, offices etc eco-friendly.!
One group came up with a solution for people who are confused as to what they should for different occasions. Whether you are going for a wedding, formal gatherings , whether it’s your first experience of dating or simply if you are going for gym and exercises, don’t forget to consult
One group came up with the website where you can get exciting snapshots for yourself. Give them your snaps and they will convert it into a special effect photo and send you back. If   you need a special photo for your facebook timeline, please contact
Another group provided information on all the tourist places in the country which are yet to be explored. If you are planning for the holiday this coming summer is what you need.
One group came up with the concept of providing information on all the religious places within and around Bangalore.
One of the groups came with the idea of celebration with wine. Their website tells you which wines suit which occasions. So choose wine according to the occasion and celebrate. What you need is just an address
All students seemed to be on the path of entrepreneurship and all have a long way to go in digital marketing. The activity was completed with a lot of promising ideas, and students with dreams in their eyes.
Fly high. Sky is the limit……..
Good luck
Please follow the links to the 8 websites 
Monika Solanki