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Advertising Premier League (APL – 2016) @ ISME

ISME Academic Club held  ISME’s annual prestigious event ‘Advertising Premier League (APL – 2016)’  in a grandeur way on 25 November 2016. The Advertising Premier League is a competition of management students in the art of promoting their business by producing:
  1. Logo
  2. Print advertisement
  3. Radio advertisement and TV advertisement
  4. A Jingle

The main objectives of this competition were:

  • Make the public understand the company and the product/s that are promoted
  • The public should able to remember and recall the brand
  • The advertisements should be convincing and persuasive

Our Director Mr. Nitin Garg and Mrs.Pallavi Jain addressed the program which added it’s glory to A.P.L and Dr. Swaroop Reddy, Prof.. Chandrasekhar and Prof. Kiran Kumar were the judges for the event in which total 10 teams were selected to finals and top three winners received cash prize certificate and momentous.

– Compiled and drafted by Raghavendra Bharadwaj, Academic Club