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Technology today has transformed the way people and businesses function, raise capital, make and receive payments. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the latest innovations in this area and in this workshop, our experts from the Crypto Banking sector will help you understand the various aspects of this innovation. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which allows people to record transactions on a digital, decentralized, distributed ledger, without any central authority. This is considered a highly trustworthy storage system: cryptocurrency is the most widely discussed byproduct of this Blockchain revolution. Even though, the term cryptocurrency is new in the world of finance, it has already had a significant impact on individual investors, businesses and changed the way investments are made in startups. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a new way to raise entrepreneurial finance and newly created cryptocurrencies are being sold to the public by startups in exchange of capital. If you think Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency, and digital currency is not for you; think again! Some popular cryptocurrencies traded in International Markets viz. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cosmos, Elrond, and Tron are also available for trading in India through various exchanges i.e., CoinDCX, WazirX, Kuber, and Unocoin. Learn the essentials and key points on tax, audit, cyptobanking, and investment, from our experts in this workshop.

Start DateEnd DateVenue
11 Dec, 202219 Dec, 2022Live-Online

▶ Understand Blockchain as a decentralized ledger and its advantages
▶ Working in the Cryptocurrency Market with an understanding of Crypto Prices, Crypto Wallets and secure Crypto banking
▶ Evaluate listing of new coins (ICOs) and non-fungible digital tokens (NFTs)
▶ Tools of Cryptocurrency i.e. Crypto Mining and Staking
▶ Differentiate between traditional banking methods, stock markets, DeFi transactions, and Crypto markets
▶ Future of Cryptocurrencies and Impact on Modern Banking Systems and Businesses

33 professionals and learners from organizations such as:
– Flipkart
– Oriental Insurance
– BITS Pilani
– Alten
– Brinton Pharmaceuticals
– IFIM College

The program will be delivered through LIVE interactive sessions with live examples, case studies, whitepaper, demonstrations of proof of work of cryptocurrencies, and numerical illustrations.

1. An Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
2. Cryptocurrency Investing and Profitability
3. Cryptocurrency Mining
4. Wallets, Tokens and Coins

1. Blockchain and Decentralized Ledgers – Business Use Cases, Taxation and Issues
2. Cryptocurrency and International Trade
3. Cryptocurrency Double Spending
4. Businesses and Cryptocurrency

1. Introduction to NFTs
2. Cryptocurrencies, NFTs Legal and Taxation Issues
3. Security Issues of Cryptocurrency Assets
4. An Investment Guide for Indian Crypto Investors

Mr. Abhinav Raju

Soomaney (CFI, MBA, MCOM, BMS), is a cryptocurrency expert, is presently a Cryptocurrency Tax Head at a California-based CPA public accounting firm where he assists clients with investment portfolios ranging from $10k to $2 billion. Mr. Soomaney also assists india based crypto investors with cryptocurrency taxes. He has over 4 years of experience in assisting international investors across geographies with cryptocurrency tax calculations and crypto investment management. He has earned his MBA in finance and accounting, and also holds a Masters in commerce, along with a professional certification in Financial Modelling and Business Valuations. He has in-depth expertise in the field of finance and crypto-accounting. He is a regular content contributor at Pocket Experts Solutions offering his expertise to crypto enthusiasts, and investors. Mr. Soomaney has also been a speaker at global summits as a panelist to discuss the growth and scalability of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Mr. Sudindra

V R, MBA- Finance; UGC-NET, (PhD) has over 16 years of experience in Teaching, Consulting, and industry experience with banking and financial services. He is a seasoned finance professional and educationalist with experience as Analyst at Ocwen Financial Services, as Credit Underwriter and Agency Manager at HSBC Bank, as Freelance Trainer and Trader at MZone Financial Services, as Faculty at Auden Technology and Management Academy and as Faculty at AMC Engineering College. Mr Sudindra also has many publications in national and international journals to his credit. He currently works as a consultant advisor for an Israel based start-up CryptoBank. He was also a panelist at international virtual conference on Security Tokens Asia Summit Oct, 2021. His area of research interest consists of_x0002_Financial Literacy, Financial Services and Financial Markets. Mr Sudindra is currently working with ISME as Faculty of Finance.

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