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Warehousing and Logistics Management Through Data Driven Decisions


Logistics analytics is the use of data and analytics techniques by organizations to coordinate the logistical and warehousing functions. With increasing competitive pressure, demanding customer requirements, globalization and digitization challenges, it has become increasingly important to prevent loss, cut unproductive waiting times and reduce costs, all while increasing service levels. Early detection of inefficiencies in a supply chain can result in crucial efficiency gains for inventory and warehouses, logistic processes and routes and dramatically reduce time to customers.

The volume and the flow of data handled every day with all the shipments, their weights, sizes, contact details or returns is generates an incredible amount of data that is a challenge to be managed.

Logistics and Warehouse Analytics help companies track how poorly or how well their firm is performing vis a vis their Industry. It also helps them figure out where they stand against competition. The insights enable managers data driven decisions for the handling of products or goods in a manner that greatly satisfies customers. It is a major fragment of supply chain management.

This workshop is the third in a series of workshops for supply chain professionals to work with data-driven analytics-based tools. This workshop is designed to help create an action plan for transformation using analytics with a focus on the Material Management function. A practice focused workshop, it will show participants how they can turn data insights into business outcomes and forge a data culture with a single version of truth across functions. Future workshops in the sequence will highlight the role of analytics in the areas of Fulfilment, Supplier Risk & Performance and more.

Start DateEnd DateVenue
16 Nov, 202219 Nov, 2022Live-Online

β–Ί A deeper understanding of deriving value in Logistics/Warehousing function
β–Ί How to look for process efficiencies / Digitization / ML opportunities to achieve service and cost targets
β–Ί Improving Logistics and Warehousing efficiencies and costs using Analytics models
β–Ί A deeper understanding of available tools and technologies that are applicable for materials management from an analytics perspective

Content Awaited…

Sources for data for warehouse analytics
β“ˆ ERP systems
β“ˆ Order management systems
β“ˆ Material management systems
β“ˆ Route optimization systems
β“ˆ Sensors by IOT

Warehouse KPIs
β“ˆ Warehouse utilization
β“ˆ Material outflow
β“ˆ Storage duration
β“ˆ Inventory cost rate

Supplier reliability and related metrics
β“ˆ Reliability of Supplier measurement
β“ˆ Multiple new stock deliveries each week
β“ˆ Current technologies and supplier management

Within the warehouse and adjacent logistics
β“ˆ Algorithms for efficiency
β“ˆ Travelling salesman
β“ˆ Vehicle routing

Ecommerce and management of returns for Customer satisfaction
β“ˆ Role of Ecommerce in customer satisfaction
β“ˆ Customer returns of good items
β“ˆ Customer returns of damaged items
β“ˆ Return to vendor stock.

Optimal Warehouse (facilities) size, location and identification
β“ˆ Managing Demand uncertainty with Prediction

Mr. Hemant Gupta

is currently the founder and CEO of Navigdata, an analytics partner for companies who are looking to be data driven in their decision making. With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry with a focus on enterprise applications, analytics among others, he has worked extensively across the spectrum of Supply Chain, manufacturing, value chain integration and digital transformation. A renowned thinker and business strategist, Hemant is an IIM and MIT Sloan alumnus.

Vinayak Sastri

brings with him over 20 years of experience in the IT / IT services industry with a focus on BFSI, Telecom and Automotive as industry sectors. He is a keen business modeler and specializes in AI and digital consulting with a focus on services companies. He specializes in gamification models and is an IIM and Harvard alumnus.

Rajendra Desai

is a certified consultant with M/s Frontline Systems Inc, USA a leader in providing Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics solutions for Industry. He has successfully executed consulting projects for diverse Industries to help them improve their operations through analytics solutions. He is currently Head – External Programs at ISME, Bangalore

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