Explore - Experience - Excel

‘Hostel, sweet hostel’: seems to be a bit odd, isn’t it. But not over here; among us “Excellites” its a hackneyed.

For some, it was really hard, especially for the ‘first timers.’ But overall, now each and everyone is in conformity with this ‘designer cult’, and a further glance proves the point.


It’ll be a cliche to talk about the ‘independence’; that everybody is well aware off. Let’s talk about the ‘difference’ . As a first batch, we were the pioneers to innovate some cool stuff for instance, a buffet dinner, notwithstanding the traditional tiffin system. We designed the whole menu for the meals and had a say in many other domains. A TV coupled with a washing machine is of a great help.

LEISURE–Sitting in the balcony or the rooftop with our gadgets is a gratification. The view is intoxicating; green hills and pastures, water front, birds (including the artificial ones i.e. airbuses), waterfalls etc. Nature ‘grows on you’ over here – goosebumps.

FOOD/SHOPPING — A nearby tea and snacks stall,

Reliance Fresh at a 5 minute walk,

Local Station at a 15 min walk,

Typical Mumbai cuisines flood the place,

And, lots to explore around provided you are a fun loving person. Name it and you have it.

Shubham Tayal


ISME, Navi Mumbai