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A Lecture on ‘Leadership’ was held on 19th Nov, 2011 by Mr. Jay Acharya Senior Manager – HR at Siemens. The introduction of the students was done in a very different way considering the different poles of INDIA. Then the students were asked to divide themselves according to the specialization they are opting and reasons for their choosing the subject were also explained to Mr. Acharaya.
He gave a brief introduction about leadership & also said that there is no word as “TRY” else he mentioned that “either you do it or you don’t do it”! Next, he divided the students into groups & asked to write some qualities for the person whom they consider as the leader for them. This was quite interesting as many qualities of leadership came out. Then we were asked to come up with our strengths and weaknesses. Lastly we were asked to jot down our dream(s) & were motivated to achieve it. It was a very interactive session & we hope these kinds of sessions be held again in future.
Nisha Choudhary