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4.1. Physical Facilities(30)

Key IndicatorSub-criterionSub-criterion (Links)
4.1.1_QlM_Availability of adequate infrastructure and physical facilities1_ infrastructure and other facilities
2_ Ensure infrastructure_facility avail
3_ICT enabled facility _Teaching _learn
4_what _Cultural_sport activity
5_Ensuring facilities_cultural_spotrs
6_What Yoga_Gym_Auditorium
7_Ensuring yoga_gym_auditorium
4.1.21_Audited stat income expend_Infra_signedΒ  CA_CFOISME Audited F Y 2018-2019

ISME Audited F Y 2019-2020

ISME Audited F Y 2020-2021

ISME Audited F Y 2021-2022

ISME Audited F Y 2022-2023